View Full Version : What happened to tooltips?

23rd May 2014, 05:23
Hi, mighty All,

I got the strange thing: I wrote the Qt application and found the phenomena -
All is OK under WinXP (Qt 4.8.2), but changed under Ubuntu 13.10, exactly: application doesn't show tooltip on menu items, and shows empty yellow rect on toolbar icons!
Further, I create other test project, and all work. The only unexpected is tooltips are white letters on black background (not yellow as I thought).

No one tooltip was created by me, all are created in Qt Creator (2.5.1 for WinXP and 2.7.1 for Ubuntu).

Is anyone there who can guess where is the point?


23rd May 2014, 15:29
Have you tried with a different widget style?
Maybe there is a bug in the one your application is currently using.