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26th May 2014, 06:11
Anybody have any info on Qt3D ? I know the string freeze for 5.3.0 didn't leave room for it. But as fast as new versions are coming out, it's always pushed hopefully for the next major release. Are the OpenGL programmers just not wanting such a simple class for 3D objects? I've been avoiding OpenGL programming with the hope that Qt3D will be implemented in Qt 5.* something. But should I just start my own OpenGL programming/classes? That's not a problem, I just like the idea of Qt3D class and skyboxes and all that.... I'm always told not to re-invent the wheel, but love coding all my own stuff from scratch anyways, should I just start doing my own OpenGL or is there some hope for a new Qt3D release in the next year or so? Any info would be greatly appreciated....

26th May 2014, 08:23
The thing with a new public API is that it has to be made sure it is actually good since it can't be changed afterwards.

But obviously you don't have to wait for it to become part of the Qt release, the module's source are available just like that of any released modules.
Anyone using the new API and reporting issues helps in speeding up path to an official release.

Have you checked the Qt development list for discussions on the topic?


26th May 2014, 10:56
Some functionality of Qt3D is being pushed into mainstream Qt (Qt GUI module, I think) so I think once this process is done, Qt3D might start taking its proper shape (in terms of the API). In the meantime, as anda_skoa advised, you can keep using Qt3D as a separate module.

3rd June 2014, 23:27
ok thanks for the info. I knew that already as I've built Qt3D with QT4.8.2 a few years back. I was just curious about the whole thing in Qt5.*.* as there was so much talk about Qt3D being pushed to the next major release over and over again, and I was truly bummed when it missed the string freeze for 5.3.0 It seems nobody is talking about it (Qt3D) lately and I was looking for some info from some pro's.... thanks again wysota & anda_skoa