View Full Version : [Qt 5.3.0 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW 4.8.2, OpenGL)] QSound redistribute big problem

29th May 2014, 12:22
Hi evrybody,
thank's in advance for any help.

Some times ago I've developed a Win32 Aplication using Qt5.1.1 for Windows 32-bit (MinGW...), this application play 2 little wav files using QSound object play() function.
Last week I decided to upgrade my ide to Qt 5.3.0, rebuilt the application and make new installer updating [dll] and [platform] needed files.

Bad surprise, on my machine on witch IDE is installed, the Application works fine playing the wav files correcly. In any other machine in witch I've installed the Application sounds aren't played!!!


Replacing [platforms] and [dll] whit the old mantaining the new exe make Sounds playable also in other machines!!

Any ideas???


30th May 2014, 14:58
As suggested in another forum, using Dependency Walker [dependencywalker.com] in profile mode on the target machine, I find out that there are a lot of dependency of plugin like [audio] that I haven’t copied, I don’t know why the same project under Qt 5.1.1 doesn’t need these dll, but the fact is that compiled with 5.3.0 it want these dll and if it doesn’t find doesn’t give any error, simply some call doesn’t works!

14th November 2014, 12:25
Hello ricox,

Can you please tell the list of dlls required? I fall into same issue. My depends does not show any missing dlls but still the app does not playing wav files.

thanks in advance.


19th November 2014, 09:31

I got the solution for Qt5.3.2. Need audio plug-in (\audio\qtaudio_windows.dll).
This is because of its plug-in nature ... It's not linked-in during build time (so you will never see a dependency) and will be loaded during runtime only. It's even new that this plug-in is mandatory for 5.3 and audio now. Was not there in 5.2.

Hope this will help others too.
Enjoying coding.