View Full Version : Qt Creator plugin: how to add a new tab to the Qt Creator tab?

11th June 2014, 21:35

I'm building a plugin for Qt Creator.

I was able to successfully create the basic Qt Creator plugin as explained in http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtcreator-ex...st-plugin.html and see my plugin added to the Tools menu.

Now, I want to add a new tab in the vertical tab widget containing “Welcome”, “Design”, “Debug”, “Projects”, “Analyze” and “Help”.
As shown in the attached image by the letter N, the new tab should be after "Help". Also the page associated to that tab should occupy the entire screen.

Any idea will be very much appreciated.

Subclassing Core::IMode?



12th June 2014, 07:37
All plugins in Qt Creator are based on providing implementations of interfaces provided by other plugins. So if you want to add an object to an existing element in Qt Creator then find implementation of another object that is placed in that element and base your implementation on that.