View Full Version : best object creation method

12th June 2014, 02:16
I would like to ask , which declaration of object is faster?

QLabel lbl_name;

or this:

QLabel *lbl_name;
lbl_name= new QLabel("Name:");

Or in other words, is it best to use pointers to objects or objects themselves ?
I am going to use this for creating dialogs and windows in my app.

12th June 2014, 07:41
When creating instances of subclasses of QObject it is almost always required to use pointers.

12th June 2014, 09:53
The fastest option is most likely a combination

QLabel label("text");

i.e. on the stack and passing the text to the constructor instead of calling a setter.

However, as wysota has already said, widgets are most often created on the heap because they usually form a tree and their respective parent widget will attempt to delete them on its own destruction.
Which would not go together well with an object created on the stack