View Full Version : Unknown module in Qt: enginio

13th June 2014, 20:35
Hi guys,

I recently installed qt using the online installer. After installation I used the Maintenance Tool to install QtCloudServices (which I forgot during the initial installation). I can see the files in the Qt map under Cloudservices but after loading the cloudaddressbook example project I cannot build the project because of this error;

Unknown module in Qt: enginio

I am not sure how to proceed and I am really looking forward on using this module so… help!? BTW, I am using Windows 8.1, Qt5.3.0, msvc2013 64 bit OpenGL, Qt Enginio 1.0.

Thanks in advance!

15th June 2014, 21:35
Ok, found it out myself, just open the enginio.pro project, build it and then link to the libraries. It's easy once you find out how :-)