View Full Version : Unable to set Release build configuration;

17th June 2014, 01:49

I'm using Qt creator 3.0.0 to build a widget application.

I have played (changed several time by shadow build directory) and now my build is stuck to only Debug mode. I'm unable to set the compile to Release in the menu "Build -> Open Build and Selector Kit" nor in the "Projects" tab.

Any idea?

Thank you for your help.

In Projects: Edit build configuration is showing only Debug mode as a choice.

17th June 2014, 03:38
Click the "Add" button right next to the "Edit build configuration" drop down.
Name the configuration "Release".
Under "Build Steps" adjust the qmake line to read:
"qmake yourproject.pro -r -spec linux-g++"
i.e. remove the "CONFIG+=debug" if present.