View Full Version : Help with ActiveQt: exposing QObject* as Q_PROPERTY

30th June 2014, 16:15
Dear All, I know it is quite hard to get support on ActiveQt, probably because only a few people use this module.

Here is my problem:
I have an application that is composed of different QtPlugin.
I already have added a COM compoment to the main application.

Now I would like to give access to some MyObject* (that inherits QObject) that are created by the plugins. I’m not really sure how to do this. With what I already tried it seems that I would have to add the .cpp of those classes in my main application (which does not make sense) otherwise it won’t link
I also tried to expose it as a QObject but it will be ignored when building the COM interface:

/****** Property is of unsupported datatype
[id(2), readonly] QObject* params;
Should I have one QaxFactory per plugin? I currently only have one for the main application
Does the factory has to be aware of the implementation of MyObject (ie. the cpp)?

Thanks a lot for your help