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6th March 2007, 19:26
Hi there,

considering that there are still a few bugs and missing features in QDevelop, I was wondering whether there is some current development going on. Also, is there somewhere a forum where feature additions and bug fixes are discussed (apart from the bug/feature reporting page on google code)?

IMHO, QDevelop is a great IDE and deserves improvements!


PS: Here's my list of most annoying bugs in version 0.22-svn ...

Most annoying bug #1: QDevelop crashes when build processes are not finished correctly/sometimes QDevelop allows several build processes to run in parallel, but only one pointer is stored, so after the first build process finishes, the next one deletes a pointer that is no longer there... *BANG*

Most annoying bug #2: Editor get's screwed up with code completion enabled (last character always dissappears).

Most annoying bug #3: When QDevelop reopens files on program start, they get different URLs and when clicking on compile errors, a new editor is opened for a file that is already open.

30th March 2007, 13:16
I recently wrote to the author of QDevelop and the project is still active.

In fact there may be a new version available soon.... Not sure how long "soon" is though.

Despite all the bugs and problems QDevelop is still a very good Qt programming IDE.:)

30th March 2007, 14:54
The qdevelop-svn commits is pretty dead for a few months. The last commit was mine 2 weeks ago, and it only modified the CMake build system.

Even tough I like this project, it's dieing, or already dead.

If you can, you can submit patch - the DIYS mantra. There are a few people who can commit those patches for you.