View Full Version : Alternative to qgraphicsdropshadoweffect

3rd July 2014, 05:01
Is there a way to create shadow like qgraphicsdropshadoweffect? Because the qgraphicsdropshadoweffect have great impact on PC performance. I tried set boarder radius (stylesheet) but it doesnt look good. Im creating a multiple buttons on a stackwidget and each of it has qgraphicsdropshadoweffect like you guys see on a POS (especially on food). Im using qt 4.7.3.

3rd July 2014, 10:37
May be you can shift to latest Qt 5.3.1 and see the performance in that...
Effects will involve heavy computing and Qt 5.x onwards scene graph is meant to do such job with better efficiency.

3rd July 2014, 10:52
I cant this is the version we are using for more than 3years and we think that it will affect all of the previous deployment we had from those years when we will patch the update. Is it possible to have other alternative?

3rd July 2014, 11:12
One way would be to use separate shadow images. You can then combine these shadow with the original image to get the effect.

Say you use butterfly.jpg ,,, get a butterfly_shadow.jpg made from the designer. Then you can overlay these 2 images to get the desired effect.

3rd July 2014, 11:17
Is this possible on QPushButton?