View Full Version : Qt 4.7.3 to Qt 5.1 transition issue

8th July 2014, 08:50
Dear All,
Earlier I was using Qt 4.7.3 and now I moved to Qt 5.1 and I am facing some issues....

1. To set QComboBox font in Qt 4.7.3, I had single function call on combobox object (combobox->setFont(controlFont)) but in Qt 5.1, I found that same code doesn't sets font for combo box drop down which were ok in Qt 4.7.3.
In Qt 5.1 , I also need to set it's drop down font(combobox->view()->setFont(controlFont)).

2. On Mac(10.8),I saw some dialog style disturbed with Qt 5.1.

3. Some keyboard shortcuts stopped working on Windows.

Could anybody explain the points which I needs to take care of while moving from Qt 4.7.3 to Qt 5.1.
Thank you,

9th July 2014, 11:39
finally I found something...