View Full Version : Retina (@2x) icons are not being loaded from resource (.qrc)

12th July 2014, 01:37
Hi, I have placed both the standard icon (app.png) and the retina one (app@2x.png) into a resource (.qrc).
In designer I’ve chosen the app.png one, but it is not being changed automatically in retina display systems as expected.
It have been working whereas I used images from folders, but now that I am trying to make my app more “portable” it stop working!.

Any Idea??

12th July 2014, 05:42
Do you need to call Q_INIT_RESOURCE( <<your library name here>> ); somewhere in the code that loads your icons, before you try to load them?

Are you sure you are specifying the URL of the png "file" in the resources correctly? (":/Resources/app.png") where you replace "Resources" with whatever prefix you are actually using in your qrc file?