View Full Version : Pro Foto-Football Online!

7th March 2007, 22:10
In light of the other game posted here today, I thought I would share my little football game. Heavily inspired by a 1970s classic Pro Foto-Football (as seen here (http://auctions.yahoo.com/i:FOOTBALL%201970s%20Vintage%20Sports%20Game%20wit h%20Original%20Box:97588741))
it uses QGraphicsView/Scene to render a football field and draw the plays. There is a single player version (under Single) as a well as network version with a separate server component. I am working on consolidating all three parts into one. The basic idea is you choose a play from a list (the play is drawn when you select it from the list so you know which play you are choosing) and then the program determines what happened on the play. As in the original dice rolls are used to determine various aspects of the game. The single player version is not really single player as there is no AI, you just choose plays for both defense and offensive. I am not the greatest programmer so any insight on programming as well as specific comments on the game's playability are appreciated.