View Full Version : When I delete rows using removeRows the row become blank , the mode in OnManualSubmit

28th July 2014, 11:34
Hi All,

I am using QSqlTableModel and set OnSubmit mode.

I my functionality when i click on delete button I call removeRows but the rows contents become blank.

According to My functionality in save button if we have all columns are blank of a row we shows an error like rows are empty.

How could i support both of them , how could i avoid the row content become empty while removeRows are executed.

In Linux version it's working fine the row content not become empty but in qtcreator i faced this problem .

Could any one suggest on this situation ?


28th July 2014, 12:16
Have you tried to use void endRemoveRows() ?

28th July 2014, 14:08
No, I am not tried this, how can i use endRemoveRows() ?


Added after 22 minutes:

QSqltableModel doesn't have endRemoveRows() ?

How can i use this function ?