View Full Version : Libraries (or other methods) for coding and decoding in H263 or similar

8th March 2007, 09:16

I have to implement a videoconference system that should be integrated into a bigger project. For the time being I wrote a webcam viewer based on OpenCV libraries to acquire and Qt (with OpenGL) to display.

Now I'd like to add some coding/decoding so that, when I have to implement the networking, the information sent is lesser.

I don't know whether there's some way to use the codecs installed in Windows to do show, or if there are some libraries to code and decode. I had thought about H263 or anything similar.

If found ffmpeg but the documentation is not that good, and there are not so many direct examples out there so I'd prefer to use something else.

I'm using Windows, MinGW compiler (through DevC++) and Qt for GUI.