View Full Version : Need 2 modules for QT 5.3 QML videochat via RTMP

7th September 2014, 01:57
Hi.I have RTMP server (wowza, i can configure it for RTP, RTSP, but it will be better to keep RTMP).

So, I need help with developing modules for videochat (i'm novice in qt and have big difficulties with this task).

First of all, after you finish this work you can feel free to post this modules to any opensouce society (like github). And you will provide a great service to the qt VOIP society (I was searching for 2 weeks this solution... and found nothing...). So it will be interesting :)

Let's begin. I need 2 QML (Qt 5.3) modules:
1st - will send video and audio from webcamera to my rtmp server
2nd - will receive video and audio from my server (from another user)

It must look like this:

RTMPPlayer { id: rtmpPlayer; visible: false; anchors.. }
RTMPSender { id: rtmpSender; onlyAudio: false; bgImage: url, visible: false; anchors.. }

after some event i will execute the code:

rtmpPlay.visible = true;
rtmpSender.visible = true;

So, i need easy components to work with. Thank you for your replies.
Have you additional questions? How much can it cost? How many days you need to do this? What is your experience in VOIP? Thank you)

P.S. Probably, i will need your help to compile it on my computer (I have really big problems with compiling different libraries like libvlc or other)

14th October 2014, 16:48
It's done: https://github.com/freedbrt/qml.rtmp

14th October 2014, 18:50
Might be worth to consider registring it with inqlude.org (http://inqlude.org)