View Full Version : Transparent Widgets on top of video

15th September 2014, 16:06
I need to put transparent widgets (in the background i can see the video) on top of video.
From the other posts on this site i understand that it is not possible by regular tools of Qt, but only with OpenGL.
Can someone post here some example or principles how to do that?

15th September 2014, 18:33
If the video is drawn in a widget, then you should be able to put a transparent widget in top of it.


16th September 2014, 08:41
The video is drawn on widget, by means of QMediaPlayer ontop of QVideoWidget.
When i put a button on it and play with transparency, i see the window which is behind the video, or gray.
Probably the video is coming as separate stream directly to the gpu and not mixed with widgets.
The only way to do that is OpenGL.
This is what i'd like to get help with.