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5th October 2014, 15:27
Hi all,

I am developing a Qt5 app, and I want to update the UI... and so I was looking into other people's work. I remember libqxt which was "back then" ... "the s***t" for developing Qt apps... but now it seems that they are no longer supporting Qt5.

What other Qt libraries can you recommend? The tasks I want to do:

Combo box with images, and auto complete
Label with elided text
Button with blinking colors (radiant color outside the button would be great).
List view which can design the rows as normal QWidget (easier to design...).
Whatever goodie you can provide.

The code must be LGPL or BSD/X11 (or similar).

Added after 10 minutes:

Why not using KDE5...?

If I can decouple as much as KDElibs as possible, this might be an option. I once tried porting KonsolePart to pure Qt5, without kdelibs, and it almost compiled. But this is not really there... The assumption of KDE is that KDE is installed, and you should not bundle it in your app. I disagree with that and I want to statically link (or dynamically link, but ship my own libs) inside my app. I think that the next step should be adding a new build system which will also download those libs and add them as a dependency in my project (think gradle in Java, NPN for nodejs or NuGet for dot.net).

5th October 2014, 18:03