View Full Version : QScrollBar having difference between compiling for Desktop or for Embedded Linux

6th October 2014, 15:10

I'm trying to resize the QScrollBar of a QComboBox in a way that works with Embedded Linux. I did managed to get it working with style sheets for Linux Ubuntu (using the help provided in this SO question (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26047184/how-to-change-the-size-of-a-qcomboboxs-qscrollbar)), but it fails in Embedded Linux. More details of the problem may be read on this link (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/26123405/qscrollbar-having-difference-between-compiling-to-desktop-and-to-embedded-linux).

So my question is: how may I properly resize the width of the QScrollBar off a QComboBox for Qt 4.8.5 for Embedded Linux? Using a simple solution (one that avoids creating QStyles, for example) would be welcomed. And, of course, why do the solutions mentioned in the first link works for Ubuntu but not for Embedded Linux using the same version of Qt library?

8th October 2014, 22:52
Why exactly do you want to resize it? Isn't it better to adjust the application's "global strut"?