View Full Version : Is there any way to use the GPU to for intensive calculations in QT applications?

16th October 2014, 19:12
I am using a linux based operating system with a version of Qt Creator 5. I have a program that I have optimized for the most part, but in many cases for doing various calculations, it may have to run for up an hour for relatively straight forward, but tedious data processing. My CPU is an I7, and I believe I could get much faster results if I were able to use my GPU to perform the calculations.

Is there any way I can make my GPU be responsible for the calculations, without significantly altering my code in any major way? My program consists of nearly hundreds of functions and different classes and many of the calculations are simply too involved for the CPU to handle in any reasonable amount of time.

16th October 2014, 21:41
You can use something like NVidia's CUDA libraries but you will have to modify your C++ code. There are no standard Qt-supplied wrappers around such functionality.