View Full Version : Is This available create Widget on another Widget?

22nd October 2014, 20:33

I wish make application use Qt4. It have one View and I separate 2 column use QHBoxLayout.
In left side, it load image file and view it. And I want create TableWidget on image. (Sorry. I don't speak English well. Maybe you hard to understand).

If you don't understand my text. I draw this image and upload it.
image is loaded external image file.
Tablewidget(in this image, it's white square) is created any point(ex. x=10, y=27).
Is this available I create widget like this image?

thanks for read this thread.

22nd October 2014, 21:46
Yes, it is possible.

Any widget you create with the image displaying widget (a QLabel?) as its parent will display on top of the image. You will need to position and size the top widgets yourself.

Another way might be to set the image as the background of a QWidget and use a QLayout to position other widgets on top leaving gaps in the layout where the image should be seen.

24th October 2014, 17:32
Thanks, ChrisW67.
I create test application. It was work fine.