View Full Version : QGraphicsOpacityEffect -- Does it work on Raspbian Qt4.8

24th October 2014, 18:10
Has anyone gotten QGraphicsOpacityEffect working on Raspbian, Qt4.8?


Added after 15 minutes:

This compiles, but the label doesn't change opacity:

QPropertyAnimation *animation = new QPropertyAnimation(startDogLabel, "windowOpacity");


24th October 2014, 20:20
So, while I couldn't get windowOpacity to work on Raspbian (even without animation), I tried using an animation on pos to move the label around. The label is on top of an image, and the idea is to move the label so all of the underlying image can be seen if one waits until the label moves out of the way.

I do an animation to move the label up. Is there a way to start a new automation when a current one reaches its end value? For example, once the label is at the top of the widget, I'd like to start moving it down then repeat up then down until cancelled by another event.

Dave Thomas

Found the answer to my own question in http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-4.8/animation-overview.html (setKeyValueAt).