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11th November 2014, 22:47
Hi all,

my application, when deployed standalone, runs fine as debug version, but crashes as release version with that infamous "Can't load windows plugin" message, similar to this post (http://qt-project.org/forums/viewthread/34303). I profiled with Dependency Walker and found that in release mode, qwindows.dll depends on Qt5Gui.dll which in turn tries to reference

bool QPlatformFontDatabase::isPrivateFontFamily(class QString const &)
but this symbol isn't exported. In debug, this function is not referenced, so no error.

Toolchain is Qt 5.3 (prebuilt) and MSVC 10.0 (2010). Don't think it matters, but I'm using C++11 features (e.g. anonymous functions and closures). Interestingly, Dependency Walker shows the DLLs as 5.3.1, while both file properties and the Qt Maintenance tool shows 5.3.2 (I updated).

Is Qt5Gui built incorrectly? Is it a compiler issue? What else could have gone wrong? How can I go about this issue?

Any help appreciated, thx.

11th November 2014, 22:52
Are you sure you are not mixing two different Qt versions? E.g. one from Qt itself and the other bundled with Qt Creator?