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27th November 2014, 20:19
I have a QDialog with different layout, inside them I have several QLineEdit. the QDialog is modal to force to do action in dialog.
The problem is I need to use editingFinished() to update other value but if I click on QDialog I have no leaveFocus so that's not called.
If I press enter I have the QDialog closed without the editingFinished() called too.
How solve this problem ?
Thanks for the help

28th November 2014, 03:55
I tried that code but doesn't works I have the dialog closed when enter pressed :

bool CColorPickerDialog::event( QEvent* event )
if( event->type() == QEvent::KeyPress )
if( m_HexEdit->hasFocus() )
return true;
return QDialog::event( event );

That only works if I don't clear focus of the QLineEdit but I do :

void CColorPickerDialog::HexEditingFinished()
m_RadialColorPickerWidget->SetColor( QColor( QString( "#%1" ).arg( m_HexEdit->text() ) ) );

Having the bypass of default button working and lost focus of widged when clicking on QDialog still a mystery.
The problem is since that closes the color picker widget I don't have any preview of the value I wrote on the hex line edit.

30th November 2014, 21:00
In reality I need to find a way to bypass the default button on each widget because they need the enter key but actually not found, if someone has idea to achieve that ?

Finally I use the easy method, I bypass enter to only accept esc :

void CColorPickerDialog::keyPressEvent( QKeyEvent* e )
if( ( e->key() != Qt::Key_Enter ) && ( e->key() != Qt::Key_Return ) )
QDialog::keyPressEvent( e );