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1st December 2014, 10:54
I have a problem with the representation of Three Valued Logic. The problem is next: I have different screen representation for different objects. This screen have a radio buttons that exclude it self. But, when I want to represent common screen for all objects, I have not idea how to represent that. For example, Three Valued State of check box is checked/unchecked when all object have the same value, or partially checked when they have different value. But, in my QT representation, how can i do that with radio buttons that exclude itself ? How to represent that screen is different for different objects ?

simple example: if I clicked on Ana, should be checked female, If I clicked Jovan should be checked Male, but what if I clicked All, how can I represent that the value is different


4th December 2014, 22:44
A simple way is to disable the radio buttons when "All" is selected, and enable them and set the correct state when one of the other names is selected.

Another way is to add a third radio button "None" that is checked when "All" is selected. The other two radio buttons should still be disabled when "All" is selected. Adding a third radio button just gives a visual indication that the item that is selected does not have a valid sex, other than "none".