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6th December 2014, 05:05

I want to write a messenger app (similar to WhatApps) for Android.

1. The entire message is made of:
- 50 words user data up to a maximum of 10 x 50 words, and
- 100 lines from a file of control data (xml file)
, all of this sent in the same network message from one Android device to the other.

2. The sender is periodically (every second) sending a very small message of 100 characters from sender - receiver for handshaking,....

What are the best protocol and APIs to use to do that in Qt mobile?



20th December 2017, 13:17

You can also have a look at V-Play Engine (http://v-play.net/qt) for mobile apps and games. It includes a chat service which allows to create your own cross-platform messenger with a few lines of code:

import VPlay 2.0
import VPlayApps 1.0

App {

// app navigation
Navigation {
NavigationItem {
title: "User Profile"
icon: IconType.user
NavigationStack {
initialPage: socialView.profilePage

NavigationItem {
title: "Chat"
icon: IconType.comment
NavigationStack {
initialPage: socialView.inboxPage

// service configuration
VPlayGameNetwork {
id: gameNetwork
gameId: 285
secret: "AmazinglySecureGameSecret"
multiplayerItem: multiplayer

VPlayMultiplayer {
id: multiplayer
appKey: "dd7f1761-038c-4722-9f94-812d798cecfb"
pushKey: "a4780578-5aad-4590-acbe-057c232913b5"
gameNetworkItem: gameNetwork

// social view setup
SocialView {
id: socialView
gameNetworkItem: gameNetwork
multiplayerItem: multiplayer
visible: false // we show the view pages on our custom app navigation

For more information, please see here: https://v-play.net/cross-platform-app-development/how-to-add-chat-service-and-cross-platform-leaderboard-with-user-profiles-to-your-ios-or-android-app#in-app-chat-and-cloud-storage