View Full Version : Install Qt4.2.3 on MacOSX - configure ?

17th March 2007, 00:06
Hello all,

I'm new to Qt and to the forum. I'm trying to port someone's GPL open-source application which uses Qt from Windows to MacOS - he does not have the necessary system to do this himself. Using the GPL edition of Qt.

On this page:


it says to run 'configure' after moving the tar.gz into /Developer. Okay, where should I find 'configure'? I have a full install of Xcode 2.4.1 (used for other development) on MacOS 10.4.9 Intel and a full search of my harddisk shows no such thing as 'configure' anywhere (and a 'by eye' search confirms this).

Something else that I'm missing here?

Thank you very much,

17th March 2007, 00:12
Extract all of the files from that archive and you'll find configure.

17th March 2007, 00:18
Oh, okay. So the extra, extra information missing from that is this: expand the tar.gz and go into the resulting qt folder. There you will find configure and it will run with './configure' from there in Terminal. Might consider adding that to the steps - clarity!. :)