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19th February 2015, 16:53
Hey there,

I’m pretty new to Qt but I have a lot experience with C++.
Currently I’m working on a project at which I have to develop a Qt-GUI which runs on a Raspberry Pi. (Bachelor’s Project)

The system should visualize the GPS-coordinates of radio-network members in the nearer environment.

I’m really don’t know where to start. Actually I started by setting up an cross-compiling environment (QT5) for the Raspberry Pi on Linux Ubuntu 14.04.

Now I’m thinking about the visualization. I get the data of the GPS (the raspberry has GPS too) and should draw the points around me on a radar-like screen like this:


Many thanks in advance for your help!
(I hope I’ve choosen the right section.)


21st February 2015, 06:08
The top half looks lot like a custom widget job.
Perhaps you might get a little inspiration from the Analog Clock Example. Give your widget a way to store a list of points, add, remove etc. Inthe paintEvent() you could draw the concentric circles, crosshairs and any points your widget has been told about.

I would not worry about the (assumed) classic radar sweeping animation until you can get to grips with the basics.

21st February 2015, 12:02
I would use the QGraphics system for it
make graphics items for all the gps devices and place them in a QGraphicsItemGroup

22nd February 2015, 07:14
Check QwtPolar. I have no experience with it but it seems to be your library. You will need Qwt - it is in the repository, and then compile QwtPolar most likely. QwtPolar is not in the repository so far but, perhaps, there are some compiled packages around.
When searching QwtPolar, search with Google.


Edit: You will need to compile Qwt, too. The Debian repository contains Qwt 6.0 and QwtPolar depends on Qwt 6.1 ... :mad: