View Full Version : out of source qtopiamake???

20th March 2007, 18:31

I've been in Qtopia world for half a month now.It's really better than the hyped OpenMoko,ugly GTK+ phone,just as KDE vs GNOME.

But I dislike the Qtopia build system: qtopiamake is a mess,and the Qtopia/Qt compatibility is a hard to achieve object for me.

For targeting my application to Qtopia phone,i've changed my build system from CMake to Qmake,that's not a headache for me,as Qmake is rather nice,and it supports out of source build(build tree != source tree, a simple: cd $MY_BUILD_TREE; qmake $MY_SRC_TREE/myproject.pro is OK),i even begin to appreciate Qmake now.

But Qtopiamake is a mess for me.I'm still a newcomer to Qtopia,and I don't know perl,I just want to port my application to run on Qtopia phone,and I've asked here for guide to build Qtopia application out of source,but no one respond.

Anybody has good idea about how to build Qtopia application out of source?

As Qt/Qtopia use the same dir.pro tradition,and qtopiamake adds many new systax to .pro,a single build system for both Qt and Qtopia is maybe a hard work later for me(currently my project tree is still sparse,so if i just ignore the warnings of qmake to .pro file for qtopiamake,the project still compile well),anybody have good idea how to write .pro for use both for Qmake and Qtopiamake?

Currently,i use lndir to symlink my qtopia build tree to source tree,but this is ugly,and when i add a new file in source tree,i need to add a new symlink,really a headache.

Regarding to Qt/Qtopia compatibility issue,i'm still studying and trying,but it seems not that bad as the qtopiamake headache for me.