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amps ro
26th April 2015, 09:34
We offer options "on the shelf" or customized for our clients. We development an ERP specialized in aircraft maintenance planning, a tablet app (Android, iOS) including a project manager specializing in aircraft maintenance planning. Application users are specialized organizations in aircraft maintenance planning / tracking.

We are looking in Braşov, Bucharest or Tîrgovişte (Romania) for full-time software engineers to be part of a new team responsible for the improvement, development and optimization of existing software.

• development of new software feature and / or extensive revisions of software
• definition programming interface and UI
• Implementing GUI of our professional high-end industrial ERP
• Collaborate with team members and clients to provide solutions

• experience in OOP / OOD, C ++ / Qt, Qt / Android, Qt / iOS, Postgresql
• simple and practical solutions orientation

We offer:
• Ability to work in an innovative and open-minded team
• a "productive" working environment

If you are interested send a message to: info @ amps.ro
More information on this site www.amps.ro