View Full Version : Problems installing on MacOS X

26th March 2007, 00:52
Hello everyone

I would like to install Qt 4 on my MacOS X machine which is running OS X 10.3.9. My version of Xcode is 1.5. I realise that I am behind the times here viz. my OS version, which may explain why I get this error when attempting to run a 'make':

c++: installation problem, cannot exec `c++filt3': No such file or directory

'configure' runs just fine. I have a c++filt in /usr/bin, and I made a soft link c++filt3->c++filt which was what someone did when they had problems installing a package but that didn't seem to help. /usr/bin is in my $PATH, so I don't believe that it is a question of the file not being found.

Is this an OS version problem or can I still install Qt4 on this version of MacOS X?

26th March 2007, 17:14
Can you run c++filt3 from the command line?

26th March 2007, 21:45
Ok, I took the easy way out and upgraded to Tiger. It was past due anyway.