View Full Version : Weird issue with qt designer 3.3.4 and accelerators?

11th February 2006, 17:52
Just started getting into qt with my KDE system, and it seems that there's an issue (or perhaps, and more likely, a user goof-up). First, system specs:

KDE 3.4.2b
QT Designer 3.3.4
QT libs 3.3.4

Following the tutorial here: http://doc.trolltech.com/3.3/designer-manual-2.html

I get the application working, but there are 2 issues:
1) the Convert To accelerator, while correctly displayed with an underline in the form layout (i.e. the T is underlined), displays as Convert &To in both the preview (via ctrl-t), and also in the application itself.
2) Rounding error (most likely application logic, but I just copied and pasted the supplied code -- haven't dove into it yet). If you convert from miles to kilometers, and set the precision at 6 decimal places, the answer given is .621372, instead of the correct .621371

I'd really like to figure out why the accelerator for Convert To is broken, but the others work just fine -- it's odd.

Thanks in advance

13th February 2006, 10:02
I experience this problem too. Think it's Designer Bug. When I find this behaviour. I restart the designer. and that's all.