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27th March 2007, 07:15

As I'm writting a personal unified communication program,to broaden the possible market,I want to target it at Qt desktop for normal PC users,Qtopia Core for standalone video phone devices users,and Qtopia Phone Edition(QPE) for mobile phone users.

As my AV interface currently only support Linux,I'm now targeting only at Linux users.If anybody have good idea for cross platform(Windows?WinCE?) multimedia programming,I'm thankful to hear from you.

I've encountered the tough problem to maintain a single source for all the three platforms.

Trolltech Qt documentation is first rate in C++ world,but IMHO Qtopia documention is the third rate even in C documention standard,there's a lot,but no one give you good answer to any real problems.

My intention is to focus on my application,I don't intent to be the Qtopia expert to solve my problems in the large Qtopia source,that's Trolltech's work but mine.

Anybody who have done this kind of work,can you share your experience with me?

As Trolltech maintain all the versions internally,you must have internal documents about how to keep single source of your products,can Trolltech share

27th March 2007, 22:07
As Trolltech maintain all the versions internally,you must have internal documents about how to keep single source of your products,can Trolltech share
You will have to ask the Trolls about this.

31st March 2007, 07:35
I know from experience (gutenbrowser - windows, linux x11, and qtopia) it is not all that easy to keep a cross platform application. Especially back in Qtopia 2, when Qtopia was based on Qt2, with Qt 3, which is incompatible with Qt2, was the current desktop version. It is a lot easy now that Qtopia is based on the same Qt version.

As you can tell from the Qt and Qtopia sources, #ifdef is your friend.

What kind of troubles are you having?

We don't really have one single source tree, we have many. Like Qtopia 4.1.7 is based on Qt 4.1.12, and Qtopia 4.2.1 is based on Qt 4.2.2

31st March 2007, 08:08

As I want my program to run on both minimal Qtopia Core configuration(for video phone device),and abundant QPE mobile phone,but I want to share the user interface code,and I want the user interface to be the same on both platform,it seems that I need a minimal Qtopia Core server(windows manager) that resembles QPE's look and feel.

Has good advice on if it's possible to adapt the QPE's qpe server but without a lot library dependencies(too large,I need as small as possible space for my GUI component),and how long will it take to do this work?

This way,my GUI program can write totally in QPE's style with nearly the same look and feel to QPE,but the backend windows manager is different on two platform.

I've now found that my original Qt version is really not that useful,as there's so many desktop unified communication program now,and some are hard to compete with(Microsoft Communicator),so I've decided to abondane that Qt version and focus my energy on Qtopia only.

But I still want desktop users to try my program,so I thought of to use QVFB,can i bundle QVFB with my Qtopia x86 version for demo usage for desktop users?It'll be licensed as a freeware but open source?Is it legal?