View Full Version : Transparent Qt Application in RHEL 6.6 64 bit

29th June 2015, 07:02

I have created a simple qt transparent application in qt 5.2.1.

The application works fine in ubuntu 12.04 32 bit operating system. When the same application is executed on RHEL 6.6 64 bit, the result is that I am getting a black background.

Can anyone please help me to create a simple qt transparent application on rhel 6.6 (qt 5.2.1)

The code snippet is as below:

setWindowFlags(Qt::CustomizeWindowHint | Qt::FramelessWindowHint | Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint);

Thanks in advance

29th June 2015, 11:00
Since you are using the same application code with the same Qt version, you will need to narrow down the differences between the two systems.

First, make sure Qt is build with the same options on both systems.
Then maybe check if you see the problem on the working machine if you run the same windowing system as on the non-working machine.
Or even check without windowing system, e.g. plain X-server running just the one application.

There could also be differences in driver or graphics hardware.