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29th June 2015, 20:38

Have a QtWebEngine based application which uses all local html and javascript files. When deploying this to a test environment the Web page comes up and is navigable, but, local storage doesn't appear to be working. Actually, I believe it is the webchannel stuff which isn't working.

This is a self contained .deb which installs creating a user and is meant to bring everything along with it. While it is running on a desktop, there is no network connection, everything is inside.

That said, if "everything" was inside the webchannel would be working. Does anyone have a link identifying what external pieces webchannel requires? There are only two oddities starting up on the target.

[0629/132921:WARNING:resource_bundle.cc(286)] locale_file_path.empty()
[0629/132921:WARNING:resource_bundle.cc(286)] locale_file_path.empty()

Trust me, I've surfed for that. There are _thousands_ of posts flagging resource_bundle.cc throwing local_file_path.empty() errors at all kinds of lines and nothing offered as a solution. I am making the grand assumption when webchannel supporting files are identified and placed/pointed to, these will go away and life will be good.

qwebchannel.js is deployed, but, maybe there is an environment variable I need to set? The files folder holds index.html but there is a linux folder under that where qwebchannel.js is....

Perhaps I will continue my tradition of posting my own answer within an hour of posting a question...?


29th June 2015, 21:29
Is local storage working if you use it in content without webchannel requirements?


29th June 2015, 21:50

This is definitely webchannel not working. The simple test of a button click which connects to an exit slot is non-functional. There simply has to be one or more files missing from the deployment. I'm hoping someone has a complete list. There are a lot of half-baked lists floating around out there.