View Full Version : Basler Pylon 4 on QT5 with MSVC2010

10th July 2015, 12:57
I want to do some work with the Basler Camera Pylon 4 Library in QT5.4 using msvc2010 build.

I cannot get the Genicam and Pylon libraries to build and link.

Has anyone overcome these problems on the above platform, if so please send a copy of your successful pro file.

thanks, all advice is appreciated.

10th July 2015, 13:44

Take a look at Pylon docs as they explain how to compile a C++ application under Visual Studio.
Also open the C++ samples solution and look at the include folders, included header files, the link folders and link libraries. Take a look to "Project -> YourProject Properties".

10th July 2015, 15:10
Thanks for the help.
Sorry maybe I was unclear.
My problem was building in QT5.4 using QT Creator under the mscv2010 compiler. The samples programs I have already built in Visual Studio 2010 and they build well in this environment using the same compiler. Its just that QT is my framework of choice and I would prefer to work here.

10th July 2015, 16:11

What are you saying is that you want to use Qt Creator as IDE for your development. So you have to to the same as told you in my first post but in Qt Creator. Set where it have to find include files,...

Take a look at this http://doc.qt.io/qt-5.5/qmake-project-files.html that explains you how to work with Qt Project files.

10th July 2015, 23:54
If you have Visual Studio 2010 and install the Qt plugin for VS, then once you have a working VS project file for a Qt-based example, you can use the plugin to generate a .pro file.

5th July 2016, 11:13
Hi BigThrum,

I facing the same problem with you, is there any solution can share?
You can try with these:

\C:\Program Files\Basler\pylon 5\Development\Samples\C++\include
LIBS += "-LC:\Program Files\Basler\pylon 5\Development\lib\Win32" \

It allow me to get the pylon library but will get error: C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pylon/PylonIncludes.h': No such file or directory when debug.