View Full Version : GridLayout widgets don't expand as expected

29th July 2015, 08:50
Hello guys,

I have a question about layouts. I have a grid-layout (see attachment) containing 4 QTableViews. They all have same config(SizePolicy is Expanding). If I pull down the widget the QTableViews expand, but not
in the same proportion. QTableView 1 and 2 expand more and 3 and 4 expand less.
What I have to change to achieve same expanding on all four QTableViews?


thank you

29th July 2015, 16:34
Nobody an idea? :(

29th July 2015, 20:07
Have you tried with just the four table views, i.e. without any of the other widgets and spacers?
Just to see if any of those cause the observed effect