View Full Version : QListWidget does not send itemDoubleClicked( QListWidgetItem *) signal in DLL

30th July 2015, 23:15
I am trying to make a simple connect in an dll or a .so file. I wrote my own slot doubleClickSelect to
connect to QListWidget signal itemDoubleClicked( QListWidgetItem *). No signal is received inside
my .dll or .so library. There is no issue when I take the code out and make a small application.
Anyone can help?

Added after 29 minutes:

more info. This piece of code is inside a derived class of QDialog. QListWidget is the only component in this class.
If I take out this class out of the .dll or .so and test it, there is no issue.

31st July 2015, 09:38
You will need to provide a bit more information for clarity.

You have a DLL.
It contains a QDialog derived class.

Does the dialog contain the list widget?
Is it added by application code or is the dialog already constructed that way?
Where to you establish the connect?
What does the connect return?


31st July 2015, 20:57
Problem solved. I removed export name of my DLL from the derived QDialog class. It worked.

Added after 37 minutes:

The list widget is the only widget in the dialog.
I made the connect in the derived dialog class.
It is very simple code. I used an event detector
to check and did not receive any event in the application.
When I copy the code out and make a standalone application,
there is no issue.

The __declspec(dllexport) definition name seems the problem.
After it is removed, the app runs fine

Added after 46 minutes:

The problem does not show up on Windows. It is a pure Linux issue