View Full Version : Qt application with encrypted database

3rd August 2015, 04:50
What's the best way to encrypt Qt application's database ? .

3rd August 2015, 18:49
What "database"? Do you mean an SQL database?

6th August 2015, 04:47
I tried sqlite with sqlcipher but failed, I want my app's database to be encrypted in Windows. if other database like mysql can be encrypted and Qt can use it will be very useful.

6th August 2015, 07:17
To my knowledge SQLCIPHER is the most popular method of using an SQLITE encrypted database. You should figure out why you were unable to make SQLCIPHER work IMHO.

6th August 2015, 13:17
compiled the Qt plugin using this (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29196087/step-by-step-guide-to-build-qt-sql-driver-plugin-for-sqlite-db-with-sqlcipher-ex), I got the compiled and placed in the sqldriver dir of Qt but when compiling a program using this sqlcipher plugin qt don't list this plugin. I post this issue in qtcenter also but I didn't got an answer so I am looking for other option