View Full Version : Qt5.5 QSerialPortInfo::AvailablePorts returns empty list

3rd August 2015, 16:03
I'm writing a Qt program which does communication over serial port. At some point, I need to display the list of all available ports on the system so the user can choose which one to use.
So i'm using QSerialPort::availablePorts().
Under Windows, it works great, but under my Linux (Linux Mint 17.2, all updates applied), it only returns an empty list.
The behaviour is the same when I try Qt examples fors QSerialPortInfo.

Does someone has an idea of what is happening ? ( or rather not happening ? )

3rd August 2015, 22:20
Does your Linux machine have serial ports? Are they enabled? Is there kernel support for serial ports? Do the serial port device files exist e.g. /dev/ttyS0 ? Are the ports usable from another program?