View Full Version : .app file Issue in MAC

29th March 2007, 13:17

I m using Qt 4.2.2 on my Intel Mac.

I have a Issue relating to .app file in mac.

I have generate a exe(.app) file In case of Mac.I am running this Exe Correctly on the System having Qt and XCode but when I copy this .app file to my new Installed System the .app is not running.

Can anybody tells me why it so?


Matt Smith
30th March 2007, 12:22
Is the binary universal, and are both of your Macs Intel-based or just one of them?

30th March 2007, 18:41
The .app bundle only contains your application. It does not contain Qt. So when you install it to another system, it cannot find Qt. This is my guess as what is happening.

Please see the page in Assistant on deploying application on Mac OSX. Your two basic options are to statically link your application, or include Qt inside your application bundle.