View Full Version : qwt plugin not showing in Visual Studio QT toolbox

29th March 2007, 16:34
I am trying to make the QWT designer plugin part of my Visual Studio environment.
I successfully built a release build of the qwt designer.
I copied all of the qwt_designer_plugin.* files to my
C:\Qt\4.2.1\plugins\designer directory.

Now when I load my project and open a .ui file I still see only the standard
QT Toolbox.

In addition, now when I close my Visual Studio project I get a "Microsoft Visual Studio
has encountered a problem and needs to close" popup. I only see this if I do something
that invokes the designer.

Running QT designer in standalone mode fails to show the QWT plug in as well.

Any suggestions?

Commercial QT 4.2.1 on Windows XP.

29th March 2007, 20:10
That plugin might depend on some other DLLs (you can verify this with Dependency Walker (http://www.dependencywalker.com)). In such case you have to copy those DLLs to a directory in which windows will look them (for example the same one where Qt DLLs are or c:\windows\system).

30th March 2007, 07:28
Qwt doesn't need any library beside Qt, but maybe the Qwt library itself is not in the PATH.


30th March 2007, 15:16
I verified that qwt libs etc are in my path. Concentrating on just the QT Designer standalone app, that fails to show the qwt plugin as well. I ran dependency walker on it and it doesn't show any attempt to load anything that looks qwt related. Only msjava.dll is missing but I don't think that one matters.. I don't have it on my machine anyway.

Any suggestions?

30th March 2007, 16:01
Try to enable some debug messages from Qt.

Don't know if it is the same with Qt/Windows, but AFAIR on X11 there is a QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS environment variable that helps.


30th March 2007, 18:46
Make sure that both the plugin and the library were built in the release mode. You can also try to clean the plugin cache (HKCU\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Plugin Cache 4.2.false).