View Full Version : QListWidget item display to LineEdit

27th August 2015, 13:04
I have created a small application which consists of 6 buttons, 6 linedits ,1 Listwidget. When I click on a button a particular information(text) is displayed on the ListWidget. I wanted to display the selected item in the listwidget onto the lineedit, it worked using Connect but the problem arises when i try to click the next button, applications crashes.
Why this is happening?
I want, when a button is pressed the items are displayed in the Listwidget upon selecting a item from listwidget , it should be displayed in the lineedit. It should work for all the button press. How this can be done?

27th August 2015, 19:49
Start Debugging (F5), do something in your gui that make it crash
The thing that make it crashed wil be shown by debugger with yellow arrow

27th August 2015, 20:19
First you write that there are 6 lineedits.
Then you say that there is one lineedit into which you want to write the data of the list widget's current item.
So is this a 7th lineedit?

How does the code of the slot look like that you have connected to the list widget's signal?
Can you write into the target line edit yourself?
Have you even done any testing or just posted really undescriptive rambling into the forum for fun?


28th August 2015, 08:25
its nonsense what r u talking ,if u r not in position to answer, dont do it.Nobody had compelled you. u should read it carefully first.