View Full Version : MainWIndow and Modularisation

2nd September 2015, 09:52

this Is only partial a Qt Topic so I hope this is the right Forum for this.

The Situation:
There are two Qt Projects I like to combine.
I have one Main Program, and a smaller Test program.
After the tests turned out to be working I now want to integrate the smaller Program into the bigger one.
This is no problem with everything that was subclassed, cause those parts are in their own files anyway.
But what about the functions I put in MainWindwo?
Can I put them in separate files too? Or do I have to reimplement them in my Main program?
What is the right way to do this?

2nd September 2015, 10:33
Anything that does not directly access the "ui" pointer can be moved to another class.

Things that access the "ui" pointer for the central widget or its content can likely be moved out of the main window if the central widget is moved to its own form class.