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16th September 2015, 16:18

Widget Promotion

Based on several forums I managed to promote a graphicsView accordingly.
The issue comes when within the promoted class I need to create a QLabel (within the graphicsView) that itself needs to be promoted.

1. Promote Graphics View :) (through the designer)
2. Add QLabel Widget within graphicsView (programatically) :)

label= new QLabel();
label->setFixedSize(320, 320);
label->setText("Test Label");
proxy = myScene->addWidget(label);

3. try to promote the generated label (That is within the graphicsView) to another class in code
Since i only have access to the label in the code and not via the designer. :confused:

How do I promote a QLabel to a specified class within code? (Not through the designer)

Your assistance is appreciated


16th September 2015, 16:39
There is no such thing as widget promotion in code.

Widget promotion, in the context of Designer, is the mechanism by which the user can add a widget of some class C in design mode and make Designer, in the generated code setting up this UI, actually instantiate a specified subclass of C. E.g. if you have a QLabel-derived class MyLabel, you can add a QLabel in design mode and promote it to MyLabel. You will be limited, in design mode, to the QLabel interface (properties, signals), but Designer will generate code that instantiates a MyLabel and sets its QLabel-inherited properties accordingly.

If you write the code directly, just instantiate the correct class. Instead of

QLabel *label = new QLabel();
, do something like

MyLabel *label = new MyLabel();

16th September 2015, 16:58
Yes Thanks,

Your proposition of correctly instantiating a class would work.:cool:
(I don't know why i did not think of that... I'm still learning the ropes, i guess)

Thanks yeye ;)