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25th September 2015, 16:11
Hey Guys,

I'm trying to produce an Android application with Debug Symbols so that I can read my crash dumps from Breakpad.

Right now when I try and debug my android app I get this dialog:

If I output verbose logs while deploying my application I see this line:
"Stripping libraries to minimize size."

I know there are some issues debugging on android (as you can see in the following link), but I'm currently testing with a KitKat device (Android 4.4).

I'm currently running QT Creator 3.2.2, Qt 5.4, Android NDK r10e. I have also tried different versions of Qt Creator and the Android NDK - but so far, I still have no luck.

1. Does anyone else have an android application debugging correctly? If so, what is your setup.
2. Is Qt stripping debug symbols for Android - and can I turn this off.


25th September 2015, 22:52
Are you sure you are actually compiling and linking a debug build? Are you sure that is what is being deployed to the Android device?

My Build configuration for the eleasticnodes demo project is:

qmake: qmake.exe elasticnodes.pro -r -spec android-g++ "CONFIG+=debug"

make: mingw32-make.exe

build Android APK:
I use android-22 SDK (but it probably doesn't matter)
I have "Bundle Qt libraries in APK" selected
No other options selected.

I have removed the Make install step because I found it doesn't work.

My Run configuration is:

Deploy to Android device

Debugger settings: Enable C++ selected