View Full Version : QNetworkAccessManager issue on Qt 4.8.7

28th September 2015, 12:54
I have some QNetworkAccessManager related code that uploads files to my server. It has been working for several years without any problem on Windows and Mac.

I updated my Mac from Qt 4.8.6 to Qt 4.8.7 and the code now fails the upload every time.

The symptoms are that after a QNetworkAccessManager:: post() there are 2 QNetworkReply:: uploadProgress() signals, then no further QNetworkReply:: uploadProgress() signals and no QNetworkReply:: error() or QNetworkReply:: finished() signal.

The QNetworkReply::uploadProgress signals come after 16384 and 32768 out of 126151 bytes are uploaded. It is a bit suspicious that it hangs after 32768 (2^15) bytes.

I don't want to post the code here as:
-There is quite a lot of it.
-It contains stuff specific to my web server.

I have rebuilt Qt 4.8.7, but it made no difference.

Does anyone know why changes in Qt 4.8.7 might affect QNetworkAccessManager:: post()?

I haven't tried Qt 4.8.7 on Windows yet.

28th September 2015, 22:56
I expect you will have to provide a minimal compilable example that demonstrates the problem against a suitable test target in order to get specific help or lodge a bug. The size looks like it might be an internal buffer filling. Is anything hitting the server at all?

5th October 2015, 11:04
The server is receiving some data.

Because of the server and the use of third party code, it is difficult to create a minimal example that shows the problem.