View Full Version : Qt3D 2.0 Rotation3D alternative

29th September 2015, 16:08
Hey there,

Im currently working on a animation and I need to rotate a object.
Problem here is that Qt3D 2.0 in Qt5.5 only supports the import of .obj files which do not contain the pivot point.
Then I have seen some examples where people used the function "transform: [ Rotation3D{ origin: xxxx } ]",
with this function I could have been able to set a new pivot/origin point.

In Qt5.5 Qt3D 2.0 I cannot find this function.. do I have to import a special module to use is or doesnt it even exist anymore?

And if its not existent, is there any alternative? And why should they remove such a nice feature?

Thanks in advance,


30th September 2015, 09:08
since there is no proper documentation i really could need some help

30th September 2015, 10:03
Looking through the documentation it looks like there is a Rotate transformation:


30th September 2015, 10:07
Yes I know ive already been there. Problem is that if you load a mesh of the format .obj the pivot point is set to the center of the scene.. means (0,0,0)
And if I use this Rotation without beeing able to set a new origin point the obeject rotates wrong.