View Full Version : Need SSL based mock sever to test QNetworkAccessManager::post() with ssl

1st October 2015, 02:28

I'm trying to test QNetworkAccessManager::post(). The client side is done, ssl certificate and keys have been incorporated in the client app. Any idea on where I can find a mock server able to incorporate my server SSL certificate and keys?



1st October 2015, 03:52
You can readily install an apache http server on your laptop/desktop for testing. Have you considered that?

2nd October 2015, 21:07
Thanks for the reply.

Install apache http server: any link where details are provided for my case (suse embbed linux)?

Also, it is possible to write it my self in C++?

2nd October 2015, 22:24
Your application might live in an embedded Linux environment but your fake web server does not have to. Install Apache on any network machine the embedded board can talk to. You will have to fake the web application hosted on the web server(PHP, Perl, whatever) if you expect something in response to your client's request. For automated testing you might just use a CGI target that returns the entire request in the body of a response.