View Full Version : Qt Installer Framework - Check directory

2nd October 2015, 15:37
Hi All,

I'm using the QT 5.4 FW Installer to create an installer for my app (OS X).

That tool's is nice, and completely customizable.
It creates the directories needed, extract dependencies etc, etc.. and (fortunately) works great.
The problem is that when i release(further) a new version i want that the installer overwrite the old installation folder.

I already read in other forum( not pro like this ;) ) that for the correctness of the installation procedure, the overwriting of an old folder
is forbidden. ( I tried to install twice my app)

So, my question would be: there is a way to check if in the filesystem exists an arbitrary directory?

6th October 2015, 12:20
Using installer.fileExist() do the trick...